2022 FarmPress Peanut Efficiency Award Winners

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2022 FarmPress PEA Award WinnersDuring the Conference four peanut producers received the annual FarmPress Peanut Efficiency Awards presented at the Friday Saturday breakfast. Producers were praised and recognized for efficiently growing high-yielding peanuts.

The 2022 winners are:
Upper Southeast: Ben Cowin, Williamston, N.C.
Lower Southeast: Wayne Hobbs, Irwin County, Ga.
Delta: Mitchell Rogers, Covington County, Miss.
Southwest: Karl Stutzman, Weatherford, Okla.

Pictured are the three winners in attendance (l-r) Karl Stutzman, Wayne Hobbs and Ben Cowin. Mitchell Rogers, was not able to be there.

We asked each winner a couple questions about receiving the award and you can listen below. Key elements of their answers were to pay attention to detail and trust in God. All these winners made remarks about how important their faith is to them and their families.

Upper Southeast States Winner interview: Listen To MP3 Interview with Ben Cowin” (1:27)

Southwest States Winner interview: Listen To MP3 Interview with Karl Stutzman” (1:20)

Lower Southeast States Winner interview: Listen To MP3 Interview with Wayne Hobbs” (1:44)

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How Peanuts are a Great Part of School Nutrition

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Sherry Coleman CollinsThe first general session this year was titled, “School Nutrition, How Importance Is It?” Sherry Coleman Colling, dietician for the National Peanut Board has lots of reason.

I visited with her after the session to get a few of her takeaways. A main focus was on allergies with good information on how schools can and do have protocols to address this. She says school nutrition if essential for our children and our country and the industry. There is a lot of misinformation but research shows that even in schools that claim to be “peanut free” there are still just as many allergic reactions. This is because there are nine other allergens that are on the top of the list in our country and in schools there are food products that include some of them.

You can learn more in our interview.: Listen To MP3 Interview with Sherry Coleman Collins” (4:31)

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2022 Valent Valor Award Winner is Armond Morris

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Armond MorrisThe 2022 Valent Valor Award was presented to Armond Morris, a Georgia peanut grower. Making the presentation was John Alton, Valent.

Armond was very surprised and expressed his appreciation of the support for the peanut industry from Valent. Armond dedicated over 40 years of service to the Georgia Peanut Commission including being Chairman and serving on many committees. He has been a spokesperson and advocate for Georgia peanuts on the state, national and international level. He has a long list of awards and serving on various peanut organizations. You can hear why he received this award in the presentation.

You can listen to the presentation here: Listen To MP3 Valent Valor Award Presentation (5:46)

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State Peanut Groups Updates

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State Peanut ExecsIt’s a tradition. We ask the executive directors of the Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi peanut grower associations about their state situations.

Questions include what the crop looks like and how many acres were planted, effects of the pandemic and supply chain issues, crop inputs and early discussions on the farm bill that will be more formally worked on in 2023. In general most areas of these states had good early rain followed by a dry spell and then more moisture so that the crop is in pretty good shape. Input costs have basically doubled for producers since last year and even parts to fix equipment has been more expensive and difficult to get in a timely manner. One of the big issue looking ahead to legislation include an adjustment in the peanut reference price due to the high cost of production.

Listen in and hear how things are going in each state.

Listen To MP3 Malcolm-Broome, Mississippi Peanut Growers Association (3:51)

Listen To MP3 Don Koehler, Georgia Peanut Commission (4:54)

Listen To MP3 Ken Barton, FPPA (3:51)

Listen To MP3 Jacob Davis, Alabama Peanut Growers Association (5:30)

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2022 Southern Peanut Growers Conference

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2022 Southern Peanut Growers ConferenceIt is back to the beach in 2022 for the Southern Peanut Growers Conference.

The 23rd Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference will be held July 21-23, 2022 at the Edgewater Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, Florida. The three-day event provides farmers with information about peanut production, legislative issues, marketing and promotions.

In addition to the conference sessions, the event focuses on the family by offering a ladies program and a golf tournament. Additional information about the conference and sponsorship opportunities is available by contacting one of the coordinating partners listed below.

During the event we’ll be posting interviews and lots of photos of the activities.

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Syngenta Brings Color to SPGC

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Syngenta appreciates the Southern Peanut Growers Conference each year as an opportunity to visit with growers.

“The Southern Peanut Growers Conference is always well attended, and it’s always a great chance to see farmers and a lot of producers that you know and visit with them about the latest technology, find out what they’re doing, find out what’s working, what’s not working, what are the conditions on their farm,” said Wilson Faircloth, Agronomy Services Representative. “You’re kind of halfway through the season, so you can kind of ground check some things and kind of helps you know how the rest of the season may play out.”

Faircloth said Syngenta continues to offer fungicides in Elatus and Miravis that are well positioned to help growers fight tough diseases like white mold and leaf spot.

Listen To MP3 Wilson Faircloth, Syngenta (3:00)

Vantage Southeast Continues Blog Sponsorship

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Vantage Southeast continues to support the Southern Peanut Growers Conference year after year.

“We’ve always been firmly planted with the peanut growers. We started out with guidance just because of being able to plant and dig your peanuts correctly. We’re very focused on precision, just making sure that we can line back up and not tear fruit off the vine,” said Travis Kelley, Vice President of Technical Solutions. “We do full planter restorations, everything that you need to get a seed in the ground, we can pretty much deal with it before and after and in between harvests.”

Kelley said growers in his service area had a lot of rain early in the season, and more recent precipitation has slowed down spraying. But, he said things were planted in a timely fashion and crops are generally doing well.

Listen To MP3 Travis Kelley, Vantage Southeast (2:16)

FMC Brings Together Peanuts and Pirates

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FMC once again stepped up to hoist the Jolly Roger and treat the Southern Peanut Growers crew mates to a pirate party.

Those enjoying the pirate cruise included Blaire Colvin, technical service manager for FMC‘s southeast region. Colvin said FMC offers a strong portfolio for peanuts, including a new insecticide, herbicide and fungicide currently available. She said the conference is a key meeting for FMC where growers can share ideas about what to spray and other technical aspects of farming.

Listen To MP3 Blaire Colvin, FMC (2:28)

Getting Ready for the Next Farm Bill

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During the third general session, which focused on the state of U.S peanut policy, Dr. Stanley Fletcher with the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation shared his thoughts on the upcoming Farm Bill process and important considerations for peanut growers. Fletcher said determining the cost of production is key. He also described a few “elephants in the room” including basis, reference price and crop insurance that will require input from peanut growers as Farm Bill listening sessions occur.

Corteva Carries the Banner for Peanuts

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Corteva Territory Manager Tony Brunson appreciates the relaxed atmosphere at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference and the opportunity it presents for him and his company to connect with growers. He describes Corteva’s investment as a reimbursement in what they’re doing for farmers when it comes to research and development, with lots of products aimed specifically at peanut growers.

Listen To MP3 Tony Brunson, Corteva (3:06)