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Blaire Colvin, FMCDifferent weather conditions have challenged peanut growers this year, including lesser cornstalk borer where fields have been dry. FMC Technical Service Manager Blaire Colvin said a project using smart traps to monitor those moths throughout Alabama and Georgia is helping growers to identify and control that pest. She said now that some areas are receiving rain, disease pressure is a larger problem.

“Peanuts, of course, are always getting disease. We’re starting to get rains. A lot of our peanuts are in that 70-day-old time frame so we need to be looking out for leaf spot and white mold with these hot temperatures,” said Colvin.

Colvin said FMC has a number of proven products, as well as some new formulations, to help farmers fight disease pressure in peanuts.

You can learn more in our interview: Listen To MP3 Interview with Blaire Colvin” (2:19)

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