Nuseed Carinata Offers Option for Peanut Farmers

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Nuseed Carinata was one of this year’s exhibitors at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference, offering peanut growers an opportunity to plant a cover crop that provides extra income.

“Our crop is rotated in with peanuts,” said Michelle Howard, Carinata commercial program manager. “You can plant carinata in the early November to mid November time frame and then harvest in April to May…It’s a cover crop that is profitable as well.” Howard says this is the second year they are contracting with growers.

Farmers harvest the carinata and Nuseed buys it from them. “It’s crushed and blended into biodiesel…the oil we produce is actually owned by BP and BP is using it for aviation fuel.”

Learn more in this interview.
Listen To MP3 2023 SPGC – Michelle Howard, Nuseed (2:11)

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