Valor Award Goes to Lewis Carter Jr.

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David Yoder, Valent, presents Valor award to Lewis Carter Jr.

Everyone in the peanut business knows LMC Manufacturing, since about 95 percent of the industry uses machinery built by the legendary company started in 1941 by Lewis Carter Jr.’s grandfather.

This year, Carter received the Valor award, sponsored by Valent, for the contributions LMC has made to the peanut industry. “We look for that winner to be somebody that’s made a big difference in the peanut world,” said Valent territory manager David Yoder.

“When the people you work with, your customers, your associates, recognize the contributions you try to make, it’s very humbling and overwhelming,” said Carter.

Listen To MP3 David Yoder, Valent” (1:37)

Listen To MP3 Lewis Carter, Jr., LMC Manufacturing (1:50)

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