Verdesian Adds to Peanut Farmers Plant Health Options

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Phil Shelley, Verdesian Life SciencesThere was excitement around a new product from Verdesian Life Sciences at the 2022 Southern Peanut Growers Conference. Phil Shelley covers the southeast peanut market, as well as some cotton and soybean acres. He shared information about SEED+GRAPHITE, a nutritional planter box solution that is already available for cotton and is now in trials for peanuts.

“The big thing on SEED+ graphite seed treatment is definitely the micronutrient package,” said Shelley. “It gives them a boost on that plant when it comes out of the ground. And the retailers are really liking that product from the dry down standpoint. They’re able to treat cotton seed right now and be in the field in two or three hours versus 24 hours.”

Shelley said peanut growers in his territory are a bit behind due to a dry May, but could finish strong if August brings wet conditions.

You can learn more in our interview: Listen To MP3 Interview with Phil Shelley” (4:04)

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