Corteva Makes a Splash at SPGC19

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Corteva made a splash as a new company with old roots at the 2019 Southern Peanut Growers Conference in Panama City Beach, Florida. The recent merger of the agriculture divisions of Dow and DuPont brings a number of crop protection products to the table for peanut growers, including fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Corteva sponsored some beach activities as a part of the conference this year.

“Part of our mission of Corteva has been ‘Feed the people of the world.’ We can’t do that without starting right here with peanuts, because peanuts touch so many different parts of lives,” says Tony Brunson, territory manager in crop protection. “But these aren’t just guys that grow peanuts. These are our partners. It is very important, not only as a mission of our company but as stewards of our company, stewards of the process, stewards of the products that are out there, stewards of the growers to be here and support them moving forward.”

Brunson said the beach atmosphere provided a relaxed atmosphere to interact with farmers and their families, as well as other companies at the conference.

Listen To MP3 Interview with Tony Brunson, Corteva

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