Vantage Southeast Continues Blog Sponsorship

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Vantage Southeast continues to support the Southern Peanut Growers Conference year after year.

“We’ve always been firmly planted with the peanut growers. We started out with guidance just because of being able to plant and dig your peanuts correctly. We’re very focused on precision, just making sure that we can line back up and not tear fruit off the vine,” said Travis Kelley, Vice President of Technical Solutions. “We do full planter restorations, everything that you need to get a seed in the ground, we can pretty much deal with it before and after and in between harvests.”

Kelley said growers in his service area had a lot of rain early in the season, and more recent precipitation has slowed down spraying. But, he said things were planted in a timely fashion and crops are generally doing well.

Listen To MP3 Travis Kelley, Vantage Southeast (2:16)

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