HogEye is Your Feral Pig Solution

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Feral hog damage costs $1.5 billion annually in the U.S. and farmers in the southeast know only too well the havoc these wild animals can cause on the land.

HogEye Cameras has a solution and they were happy to be part of the Southern Peanut Farmers Conference to spread the news. Jack Robertson says their company specializes in camera systems for trapping nuisance animals.

“The camera systems we make are live feed video,” said Robertson. “It makes it more efficient because the user is actually live watching so you can see the pigs in the trap and those still outside the trap so the landowner can make an informed decision on when to deploy the trap.”

The system comes with solar panels to provide the energy for the live feed camera 24/7.

Learn more in this interview.

Listen To MP3 Jack Robertson, Hogeye (10:28)

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