Vantage Southeast Helps Growers Go Digital

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Vantage Southeast sponsored the conference blog at the 2019 Southern Peanut Growers Conference, taking advantage of the opportunity to contribute to the show and check in on how the season is going for their farmer customers. Growers are doing more and more with precision agriculture and data, according to Travis Kelly, vice president of field solutions.

“We’re taking a strong focus at the beginning of the season, just making sure that we’re getting the seed in the ground… right place, right time,” says Kelly. “A lot of the data that comes out of it, people are able to make a lot more decisions as far as moisture and everything that they’re needing to see at time of planting now.”

Kelly says farmers have to be increasingly particular about logging spray applications and planting dates, which he believes is good for farm history and also for making decisions about the future.

Listen To MP3 Interview with Travis Kelly, Vantage Southeast

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