Syngenta Continues Top Level Sponsorship

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Participants in this year’s Southern Peanut Growers Conference in Panama City Beach, Florida, learned more about two specific products from top level sponsor Syngenta.

“Syngenta does a very nice job of continuing to invest R&D dollars into research, bringing new products to the market,” says Lyle Stewart, district sales manager for Syngenta. “Over the past three years we’ve brought two specific products that continue to add a lot of value to growers in the southeast, and that being Miravis for leaf spot and then Elatus for white mold and for leaf spot. Those products continue to offer, as we hear from our customers, tremendous value to their operations.”

Stewart says what sets these apart from the rest of the market is the fact that when the two products are used in conjunction for leaf spot and white mold primarily, they can offer farmers a 28-day fungicide spray schedule. In the past, the common way would be a 14-day schedule or even a 10-day interval between sprays if conditions were wet. The residual offered by Miravis and Elatus allows for 28-day control.

Stewart adds that overall peanut and cotton crops in the southeast region are looking quite good with the exception of some dry areas. He notes many growers in that area are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Listen To MP3 Interview with Lyle Stewart, Syngenta

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