Farmers Business Network is New Sponsor

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Farmers Business Network (FBN) joined as a sponsor of this year’s Southern Peanut Growers Conference.

The company does things a bit differently, says FBN Account Executive Jared Moore.

“The model of how we do business is we want to cut the middle men out that are stacking on the amount of money they are paying for products and take farm chemicals direct from generic manufacturers to the farm so that we can drive their input prices down and return a better investment on those acres to them,” says Moore. “It’s just a different model of business. Every farmer gets the same price whether you’re one acre or 1,000 acres.”

FBN also works with farmers on cotton and rice acres, and they are looking to expand into specialty markets like chickpeas, for example. Moore says they rely on member input and also offer group rate health insurance based as farmers have shared that need. FBN currently serves more than 8,000 farmer members and 27 million acres.

“Farmers take the most overhead and have the least return,” says Moore. “It’s time for that to change.”

Listen To MP3 Interview with Jared Moore, Farmers Business Network

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