BASF Offers New Fungicide for Peanuts

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BASF shared more information about a new fungicide product with participants at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference.

Technical Service Representative Abraham Fulmer says Revysol is a revolutionary product in a lot of ways.

“This product has the ability to conform and flex and be more plastic, so to speak, to bind to that target site on a molecular basis,” says Fulmer. “So, that’s why it’s able to bind very tightly and by doing so it really increases the level of efficacy. But there’s also a really neat part of it is that when it goes into the leaf, very quickly – within an hour – it creates these reservoirs and these reservoirs will allow it to slowly distribute but consistently up through the leaf providing a very long, residual control.”

The product has received federal registration and there will be three different offerings in row crops and specialty crops, including Provysol for peanuts. Growers saw limited availability in 2019, but BASF plans a larger launch for the 2020 growing season.

Listen To MP3 Interview with Abraham Fulmer, BASF

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