BASF Priaxor New for Peanuts

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spgc14-basfThe BASF peanut team was out in force at the 14th Southern Peanut Growers Conference to talk about what’s new for farmers in the southeast.

Our good friend Dan Watts, district sales manager for BASF, says this year they are pleased to offer Priaxor for peanuts. “Priaxor is some new chemistry that’s a combination of two fungicides. We taken the standard, tried and true Headline product, combined with a new chemistry called Xemium. We have it in peanuts this year, we’ll have it in cotton next year and we hope it’s another tool that growers can utilize to maybe go from 7000 pounds to 8000 pounds!

Dan says he loves being able to work with peanut growers because he thinks they grow a great crop. “We are taking a product that comes from the ground and turned into peanut butter and Snickers bars and salted peanuts – these are fun crops!”

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