BASF Acquisition Opens New Grower Options

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spgc13-basf-teamBASF has been a big supporter of the Southern Peanut Growers Conference and so has Becker Underwood – but this year the two are a single team together.

With the acquisition of Becker Underwood, VAULT as a peanut inoculant is a very important product we’re looking forward to launching from the BASF platform,” said southeast BASF rep Chris Maurer (left). “We have some really exciting seed treatments but now also having the inoculants gives us another avenue on to the farm to help growers get the most out of every acre.”

Of course, BASF products like Headline and Cadre remain important products for peanut growers, but BASF is always looking ahead to new and innovative products in the pipeline.

“Innovation has always been a key part of BASF as a company,” Chris said. “We believe innovation is what keeps the company sustainable” and the farmers too!

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