Peanuts Important to BASF

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BASF at SPGCPeanuts are considered to be a specialty or minor crop to many chemical companies and often it is the case that minor use crops get the benefits of major crop developments.

In the case of BASF Headline, it worked the other way.

Regional sales manager William Reed (center) says that versitile fungicide – which is now labeled for use in soybean, corn and wheat – really “cut its teeth in the peanut market.”

“Seeing how well it did on leaf spot and rust and soil-borne diseases – -it really got a great reputation and earned itself a good name in the peanut industry first,” said Reed. “Starting in the peanut area probably helped it spread faster in these other crops.”

So the peanut industry is very important for BASF and that is why they are a sponsor of the Southern Peanut Growers Conference. They sponsored the luncheon on Monday and are also one of the sponsors for the Farm Press Peanut Profitability Award.

Listen to an interview with William here:

Listen To MP3William Reed (6:30 min MP3)

Southern Peanut Grower Conference Photo Album

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