Ice Cream Socializing

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Edgewater Conference CenterAs growers arrive to start the registration process, they are given a cool reception – a very welcome one coming in from the Florida humidity!

The Peanut Advisory Board is sponsoring the Ice Cream Social welcome hospitality, a tradition for the peanut growers meeting. It gives the meeting attendees a chance to meet and greet as they pick up their registration packets and check in to their hotel rooms.

SPGC RegistrationThe little ones especially enjoy the tasty treat – which can be topped with peanuts, of course – as well as some flavored peanut butter toppings. Chet’s peanut butter breakfast and dessert toppings come in a variety of flavors, including cinnamon nutmeg, chocolate and banana. Yummmmm! Check them out on line at

I am getting the Flickr photo album started. Check it out here:

Southern Peanut Grower Conference Photo Album

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