How Peanuts are a Great Part of School Nutrition

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Sherry Coleman CollinsThe first general session this year was titled, “School Nutrition, How Importance Is It?” Sherry Coleman Colling, dietician for the National Peanut Board has lots of reason.

I visited with her after the session to get a few of her takeaways. A main focus was on allergies with good information on how schools can and do have protocols to address this. She says school nutrition if essential for our children and our country and the industry. There is a lot of misinformation but research shows that even in schools that claim to be “peanut free” there are still just as many allergic reactions. This is because there are nine other allergens that are on the top of the list in our country and in schools there are food products that include some of them.

You can learn more in our interview.: Listen To MP3 Interview with Sherry Coleman Collins” (4:31)

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