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Jager Pro Hog Control SystemsToday’s technology allows landowners to control feral hogs with a trap activated and monitored by their cell phones. But Chris Monhof with Jager Pro Hog Control Systems said education is also a big part of the company’s mission.

“We need to start conducting hog control on the farm fields just like you would do maintenance on your tractors,” Monhof said. “Most of your farmers would tell you that the hog problem is pretty substantial. It does vary in different geographical locations, but it is an ongoing problem and until we can teach everybody to get on the same sheet of music, we’re going to continue to have this problem. One landowner fighting the fight in their county is not going to fix that problem.”

Monhof said just after planting and harvest are some of the best times to focus on hog control in row crop fields.

You can learn more in our interview: Listen To MP3 Interview with Chris Monhof” (3:23)

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