Florida School District Experience with Peanuts in School Nutrition

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Amy CarrollThe School District of Lee County in Florida brought peanuts back to school menus in 2022 after the product had been banned in the district’s school kitchens since 2004. While labor shortages and supply chain challenges were large factors in bringing peanut products back, Food and Nutrition Services Coordinator Amy Carroll said allergy management education is a more realistic and effective option than banning a single food item.

“While still recognizing that peanuts are a common food allergen, our district has developed a plan and official board approved policy that addresses all major allergens to ensure that all students are protected while remembering that the vast majority can eat peanut butter,” said Carroll. “Shift the focus more to allergy management and not the banning of particular foods. That’s not real life and it’s not teaching kids how to manage their allergies.” Amy works for the School District of Leon County Florida Food & Nutrition Services.

Listen to Amy’s Remarks here: Listen To MP3 Amy Carroll, School Nutrition Remarks” (21:50)

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