2017 Peanut Efficiency Awards

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LtoR – Winners Curry Parker, Ray Davis, and Jake Teichroeb, Dr. Marshall Lamb

The annual Peanut Efficiency Awards were presented at the 2017 Southern Peanut Growers Conference. The annual awards presented by Farm Press are based on production proficiency, honoring growers who produce the highest yields by using inputs wisely and effectively based on a their entire farm operation.

This year’s winners are:
Lower SE Region – Curry Parker of Headland, AL
Upper SE Region – Ray Davis, Jr. of Southampton County, VA
Southwest Region – Jake Teichroeb of Welch, Texas

This is the 18th year for the award program, which was known as the Peanut Profitability Awards until 2015. Program coordinator Dr. Marshall Lamb with the USDA National Peanut Research Laboratory took an historical look at nominees for the awards over the past 17 years and found they have collectively led the way for increasing yield and adopting new technology.

“These farmers are staying ahead of the yield increases that we are seeing in the United States,” said Lamb. When the program first started, the national average yield was 2,860 pounds per acre, but award nominees averaged 4,400 pounds per acre. In recent years, nominees have averaged 6,300 pounds per acre compared to the national average of 3,800 pounds per acre.

Learn more in this interview with Marshall:

Listen To MP3 Interview with Marshall Lamb, USDA Peanut Research Lab

Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

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