Peanut Proud Helping Tornado Victims

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The peanut industry has been blessed with much and they are pleased to be able to give back when they can to help others less fortunate.

Peanut Proud
was an effort started two years ago when the peanut industry faced the salmonella outbreak that threatened consumer perceptions of healthy peanut butter. When the industry came through the challenge stronger than before, Peanut Proud started looking for a way to give back to the people, and that opportunity came without warning when a string of tornadoes struck the southeast this spring, devastating many communities.

Peanut Proud president LeaJean Manry (who works for Georgia-based Birdsong Peanuts in her spare time!) says the industry stepped up to provide peanut products and other provisions to victims of the storms. “We have delivered over 83,000 jars of peanut butter to seven states, about 1975 backbacks to kids who lost their schools,” LeaJean said. “It’s not how we helped them survive the storm, it’s the love and help we give them that helps them dance in the rain.”

You can hear how passionate and excited LeaJean is about Peanut Proud in this interview.

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Tyron Spearman, better known to many as Mr. Peanut, serves on the board of Peanut Proud, and has been very active in the effort, delivering to people in tornado-stricken areas. “We’ve had over $87,000 worth of items donated and about $71,000 in cash, so it’s been a tremendous response from the industry to help these people out,” Tyron said.

In this interview, Tyron talks about this effort, as well as the current status of the peanut industry and the crop this year.

Listen To MP3Tyron Spearman Interview (MP3)

The effort will continue as long as there are people in need and peanut growers here at the conference helped to raise more money for Peanut Proud during a Casino Night after the opening dinner Thursday. Donate to PO Box 446 Blakely, GA 39823.

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