Peanut Profitability Awards

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As they have done since the inception of the Southern Peanut Growers Conference, Farm Press Publications presented their annual Peanut Profitability Awards at the SPGC Saturday morning breakfast. Pictured here is Farm Press publisher Greg Frey with this year’s winners – Vic Swinson of North Carolina for the Upper Southeast Region, Cornelius Enns of Texas for the Southwest Region, and Kreg Freeman of Georgia for the Southeast.

Kreg was also the statewide winner in the Georgia Achievement Club this year for the 100-300 acre category with a yield of 6626 pounds per acre. He attributes a good part of his increase in profitability and yields to precision technology, as much as 500 pounds per acre. “We use GPS and auto steer tractors,” he told me. “What I got paid for the auto steer part of the tractor in one year.”

Listen to my interview with Kreg here: Listen To MP3Kreg Freeman Interview (MP3)

If there is one thing all three of these gentlemen have in common, it is humility. They were all clearly uncomfortable at taking credit alone for their achievements, since farming is always a team effort! Listen to my very brief interviews with Vic and Cornelius by clicking on the links below.

Listen To MP3Vic Swinson Interview (MP3)

Listen To MP3Cornelius Enns Interview (MP3)

13th Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

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