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Kind of like the Israelites received manna from heaven to keep them from starving in the desert, malnourished children in the world are getting needed nutrition through MANA from peanuts.

Mark Moore, CEO of MANA Nutrition explained how at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference. “MANA stands for Mother Administered Nutritive Aid and our vision is that we can put this peanut paste product in the hands of moms” so they can feed it to their children who might otherwise die of severe acute malnutrition, Mark says.

The product itself is called by another acronym – RUTF, or Ready to Use Therapeutic Food. Basically, RUTF is peanut butter mixed with fortified milk in an over-sized ketchup packet On average, three packets a day for six weeks will revive a child, getting him or her back to normal nutritive levels, healthy, responsive and happy.

Randall Weiseman with Southeast AgNet interview Mark for us and you can find out more in this conversation and also from the MANA Nutrition website.

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  2. I have a friend missionary in South Sudan who is farming. He said hunger is the main problem he is dealing with. I would like to plant peanuts there and make rutf there. Please contact me and give some direction

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