Determining Peanut Maturity

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We heard from National Peanut Research Laboratory, representative, Wilson Faircloth during a question and answer session all about research and production. He was part of a large panel for growers to pose questions to.

Wilson says that he’s working on irrigation since we’re at that peak time when peanuts need moisture. He says they’re refining models and encourages to use a guide for proper management of their irrigation system. This is important since peanuts are not as determinate in their water use as other crops. Another project he’s involved in hopes to create a method to determine when to harvest peanuts for maximum yield. Maturity is a major issue and he says they’ll be releasing a computer model later this season using growing degree days and other things to help make this decision.

Listen to my interview with Wilson here:

Listen To MP3Wilson Faircloth Interview (MP3)

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