Valor Award to Patrick Archer

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The Webster definition of “valor” is “strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness” and that was required this year more than any other for the peanut industry.

In recognition for his strength and leadership of the peanut industry during a time of crisis, American Peanut Council president Patrick Archer was recognized today with the Valor Award, presented by John Altom of Valent USA.

Patrick says this year is one he hopes he never has to repeat. “The recall started January 9th and was greatly expanded the following weekend, which was inauguration week in Washington DC,” Patrick said. “The city was in lock down, we had to work from home. It made a difficult situation even more of a challenge.”

He credits everyone in the peanut industry with the massive communications effort that helped get information out that eventually helped to resolve the situation. “The industry really pulled together during the crisis and everybody from the grower all the way through the manufacturer really worked hard in a concerted and coordinated effort to combat the problem,” Patrick said. “While we did see a significant downturn in peanut butter sales in January, by March sales rebounded and in March, April and May sales have been much higher than they were a year ago for the same period.”

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