Peanut Profitability Award Winners

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This morning, three growers were recognized at the 10th Annual Peanut Profitability Awards Presentation. The awards, sponsored by Farm Press, are based on production efficiency and honor those growers who produce the highest yields at the lowest cost per acre. The awards are based on a producer’s entire farm operation – not just on individual farms or small plots.

This year’s winners (shown left to right) are T.E. Moye, Jr. of Newton, GA for the southeast region, John Crumpler of Suffolk, VA for the Virginia-Carolina region, and Weldon Shook of Seminole, TX for the southwest region.

Cindy interviewed each of the winners to get their thoughts on profitability in the peanut industry.

Listen to or download the interviews here:

Listen To MP3T.E. Moye (6:00 min MP3)

Listen To MP3John Crumpler (4:00 min MP3)

Listen To MP3Weldon Shook (4:30 min MP3)

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