Peanuts and the World Food Crisis

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Peanut growers heard from Scott Rawlins of Makhteshim Agan of North America, better known as MANA, about the global food crisis.

Scott RawlinsRawlins talked about the current situation and what the so-called “experts” are saying – and why agricultural producers seem to be getting left out of the equation. The “no-brainer” is that we need to increase food production worldwide. “Some of the other things we need to do is adopt new technology,” Scott says. “Pesticides, fertilizers, and improved seeds are crucial to developing long-term sustainability and food production globally.”

He also talked about how peanuts can help the global food crisis situation with such a high protein product.

Listen to an interview with Scott here:

Listen To MP3Scott Rawlins (5:30 min MP3)

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