Peanut Advisory Board Marketing Efforts

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Chets PB ProductsI mentioned Chet’s Peanut Butter toppings in the last post – here’s a close up of this fantastic new product for the peanut industry. It’s only been out there for about six months and already a buzz is getting started.

Leslie WagnerLeslie Wagner with the Peanut Advisory Board says they have been working to help market this new product. “We love working with brand new companies especially if they have an innovative thing going on,” Leslie told me. “It’s great for backpacking and traveling because it squeezes flat, not like a jar. It’s a great idea!”

Finding innovative new ways to market peanuts and peanut butter is the whole purpose of the Peanut Advisory Board, which represents growers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. Find out more about what they do in this interview with Leslie.

Listen To MP3Leslie Wagner Interview (5:00 min MP3)

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