Dancing to the Blues

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The kids really took to the dance floor at the Tuesday night blues bash concluding the 2008 Southern Peanut Growers Conference. Here are just a couple of the fun shots you can find in the Flickr photo album from the conference. Photos from the Flickr photo album can be downloaded onto your home computer in any size from thumbnail to … Read More

Syngenta Soul Man

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Syngenta is always proud to host the closing event at the Southern Peanut Growers Conference and this year’s 10th anniversary celebration was a special milestone for the company’s relationship with peanut growers in the south. District sales manager Lyle Stewart really got into the blues spirit at the Blues Brothers bash and was even invited up on stage by the … Read More

Black and White and Blues All Over

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The Alabama Blues Brothers were a big hit at for the closing dinner and entertainment at the 10th annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference, but what really made it fun was the hats, ties and sunglasses provided for everyone in attendance. The instructions were to wear a white shirt and black pants for the night of blues and the majority did … Read More

Peanut Committee Secrets

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There was much fun to be had at the Blues Brothers-themed finale for the Southern Peanut Growers Conference and everyone got in on the act. There were three “Blues Brothers” as the opening act – but not to sing and dance. They revealed “Committee Secrets” and provided answers to some important questions, such as “Why do we keep coming back … Read More

Blues Bash

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The Blues Brothers dinner and entertainment evening sponsored by Syngenta was a total success. Fun for everyone young and old. Check out the Peanut Family Album for all the photos from the conference, including about 100 just from the blues bash alone. Most people will agree that the 10th anniversary of the Southern Peanut Growers Conference was the best ever. … Read More

Feeding the Hungry with Peanuts

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The potential for the peanut-based product known as Plumpy’nut to fight global famine is tremendous, according to Jeff Johnson of Birdsong Peanut Company. “It’s revolutionized saving the lives of severely malnourished children in Africa, saving tens of thousands of lives,” Jeff says. “The demand in Africa alone could be 1.2 billion pounds.” “If the USAID devoted just ten percent of … Read More

Economy Optimism

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What goes up, must come down, and the opposite is also true when it comes to the economy. Robert Nobles with Synovus Banks had pretty positive message for peanut producers regarding the economy. “While the economy is struggling at this point, it will get better, its just going to take some time,” he says. “When using history as a guide, … Read More

Peanut Supply and Demand

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Richard Barnhill with peanut brokers Mazur and Hockman gave growers an update on the supply/demand situation for peanuts. His main message was that even though the crop is going to be big this year, there’s plenty of demand for peanuts. “We need to maintain acres about the same as we have now and the market is going to make sure … Read More

Mississippi Proud to be New Addition

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The Mississippi Peanut Growers are kind of the “little brother” in the Southern Peanut Farmers Federation, still a baby organization themselves having only just started two years ago. Clayton Lawrence of southeast Mississippi is the second president of the association and he says they are proud to be a growing part of the industry. “We’re up to around 28,000 acres … Read More