Taking Care of Feral Pigs

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A serious problem for growers is what to do about feral pigs. One of our presenters is working on a project to make that problem go away. Steve Ditchkoff, Auburn University, is several years into a project to create the first species specific contraceptive that can be administered orally. He says there are no effective options at this point since … Read More

Protect The Crop At Mid Season

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We are not going hungry here at the conference thanks to our sponsors. Lunch today was sponsored by BASF and representing them is William Reed. He would like to remind growers about using Headline fungicide as we hit the midterm for the crop for its plant protection qualities. He says peanuts was the first market for the product. He points … Read More

Using Peanuts To Feed The Hungry

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A very interesting session this morning was titled, “An Industry That Feeds The World.” On the stage were Jeff Johnson, Birdsong Peanut Company, Stephanie Grunenfelder, American Peanut Council and Sally Wells, Birdsong Peanut Company. I spoke to Jeff and Stephanie afterward. Jeff spoke about Plumpy Nut, a peanut butter based product that has been called “miraculous” as a cure for … Read More

Peanut Farmer Perspective

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It’s always good to hear from our presenters and sponsors but what about our growers? Let’s find out what a peanut farmer thinks about the conference. I spoke with Steve “Beaver” Yoder, Altha, FL. Steve brings his family as many peanut farmers do. They look forward to it as a “tradition” and it shows his children what he does and … Read More

Mississippi Peanut Growers Association

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One of the newest peanut groups to participate in the conference is Mississippi Peanut Growers Association. Their president is Joe Morgan, M&M Farms. He says they have just hired a part time executive director. Joe says growers felt there was a real need to create an organization to represent them and help promote Mississippi peanuts. He says things are going … Read More

Changing The Culture Of Peanut Marketing

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Today’s conference agenda includes several different sessions with multiple presenters per session. I’m interviewing several of them and will get started with our first session. Talking to attendees about marketing from the point of view of the manufacturer was Ben Smith, Lance, Inc. He spoke about “changing our culture on how we have marketed that product in past years.” That … Read More

Bayer CropScience Remains Committed To Industry

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Our sponsor for the opening dinner was Bayer CropScience, represented by John Hand. He welcomed us before the evening’s entertainment got started. During a break today I spoke with John to learn what’s new with Bayer CropScience. He started out by saying how important the conference is to the company and that they are committed to creating new technologies for … Read More

Valor Award Presented To Leslie Wagner

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Leslie Wagner, Executive Director, Southern Peanut Growers, was presented with this year’s Valor Award. The award was presented by John Altom, Valent. I spoke with Leslie prior to the award and you can listen to our conversation below. So congrats to Leslie because she’s also celebrating the 30th anniversary of Southern Peanut Growers. In fact, during registration yesterday there was … Read More

Opening Dinner Hypnosis

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Thanks to Bayer CropScience the conference opened with some entertainment that also provided some inspirational and practical ideas for improving your life. On the stage was Dr. Holiday, The Hilarious Hypnotist. Before getting the show going he talked about using self-hypnosis to facilitate achieving most personal goals. He’s a big advocate of relaxing and then taking action. Then he got … Read More