“Peanut Congressman” Provides Update

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Sanford BishopCongressman Sanford Bishop of Georgia’s 2nd District says he is proud to be known in the House as the “peanut congressman,” since he serves the southwest part of Georgia “the largest peanut growing district in our country.”

Congressman Bishop gave peanut producers an update on the “2007 Farm Bill finally passed in 2008” as well as concerns about USDA now “wanting to monkey with the loan rate.”

“We sent a letter as soon as we heard about it to the Secretary of Agriculture expressing our strong disagreement with that,” Bishop said. “We have not gotten any concrete assurances but they indicated they would look at it again and not go forward with it at this point.”

Bishop believes the change in the peanut program from the quota system has been very positive for the industry. “We found a way in the industry to come together and sing from the same sheet of music,” said Bishop. “After the last Farm Bill, I was amazed that you had growers, shellers and manufacturers at the same table all speaking very highly of the product.”

Listen to Congressman Bishop here:

Listen To MP3Congressman Sanford Bishop (5:30 min MP3)

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